Make The Time

Being a Driving Instructor won't just come easily. Its hard work to get there but the rewards can be whatever you want them to be. Being a self employed driving instructor with the back up of a well established reliable company behind you.
Having the time to do the things you want, whether that be hobbies or family time, its your choice.
You choose when you want to work, its your business. 
The cost of the training course is not as expensive as you might think.
If this would interest you as it did me then please read on..

About why I did it



"Makes you feel at ease when
driving and is a top bloke.
Would recommend him
to anyone wanting to learn to drive"

Tom Tullet

"He makes things a lot
easier for you as explains
things in a brilliant way
that's easy to understand
and put to use."

Damo King

"Brilliant instructor, helped me
get through test with no faults.
Definitely recommend"

Louis Jones

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kite in the sky
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Courses Available.....Check below for area.


We are currently looking for someone to train within the NEWQUAY , St AUSTELL, PADSTOW and WADEBRIDGE areas.

If this could be for you then please get in touch and have a chat to me about it.

If you have any questions then please get in touch.

Already an Instructor looking for more work?

We can help with a franchise option of just £80 p/week

Set yourself free.

You make the decisions.

Its your Business.

Its easier than you may think.

Click below to see if you qualify to become a driving instructor


You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers




Yes, you choose your hours, as many or as little you would like. We supply an unlimited amount of pupils. Learning to drive is a necessity.


There are 3 tests to take. Theory Test , Practical Driving Test, Part 3 Instructional Ability Test


We ask for a £599 deposit and you can start training immediately.

We will set you up an online training program for your theory training sessions

and will get you booked in for your first On-Road session. 

The first 20 hours of training will be taken from your deposit.

We then offer a pay as you go scheme for the remaining 10 training lessons.

Each of these lessons will be 2 hours charged at £25p/hour

We aim to do at least a 2 hour On-Road session once a week.

10 hours of this would be Part 2 - Practical Driving Test Training

30 hours would be for Part 3 - Instructional Technique

During this time the part 1 and part 2 tests will be completed

and you can apply for a trainees licence. (PDI) Potential Driving Instructor

You will be teaching real learners on a day to day basis, gaining further experience while you earn.

A further 20 hours Tuition will be given while you are on a Trainee's licence working towards the part 3 Instructional Ability test that will finally make you an ADI ( Approved Driving Instructor).

So you can earn while you train to fund the remainder of the course.

We try and complete the whole course from start to finish in 4-6 Months.

but it can be completed in 3-4 months.

Can I earn while I train?

Yes you can. As soon as you have passed Part 1 Theory test and Part 2 Driving test then you can apply for a trainee's licence.

We can then supply you with pupils to teach. This will give you suitable practice leading up to your part 3 test. We would also be doing regular In car training sessions at this point.  Click to following link to see if you qualify.. 

How much can I earn?

At present our rate p/hour is £24.

You can work as many hours a week as you like, including evenings or weekends or just 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon if that is all you want. Its your business so you can choose.

If you did Monday - Friday 6 hours p/day then you would make £720 less fuel costs for the week. 

What does the franchise involve?

A Franchise opportunity with PassnDrive is offered to you upon completion of your Part 3 Test.

We hope this is the route you would want to take,

knowing you have the back up of a well established company behind you.

You would still be self-employed therefore with the freedom of running your own business.

Our general franchise fee is £80 p/week.

You would be supplied with all the products you would need to have you on the road..

In car training guides

Top Box,

Vehicle Livery*

Advertising campaigns personal to you in your area.

systems/software/apps in place to run your diary and accounts.

Office backup

Standards Check Training.

Help with accounting.

Will there be enough work for me?

Yes. We can supply amount of pupils that you want. We have a constant flow of pupils coming in through our systems.

We have a very good reputation as a company and a strong online presence.

Our booking process is made simple and most pupils will be pre-paid so that you don't lose any money on lesson cancellations

Is a car included?

A teaching vehicle is not required straight away as you can practice all you need in your current car.

Should you decide that this is the career for you then we can put you in touch with a company who do car leasing or whether its just the Dual Control pedals you need and wish to use your current vehicle.

The average price at the moment to lease a brand new Vauxhall Corsa would be around £280 p/month,(£10 p/day)

(including 25,000 miles) .

Click the following link to have a look at some car leasing deals....



PassNdrive Driving Instructor Training


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