We ask for a £599 deposit. 

And then offer a pay as you go scheme for the training lessons.

Each lesson would be a 2 hour lesson costing  - £50

40 hours tuition will be given. 

A further 20 hours Tuition will be given while you are on a Trainee's licence.

(These 20 hours will be paid for from your Deposit)

The good part is you can earn while you train to fund the course.

Once you have passed Part 1 Theory and Part 2 Driving test you can apply for a trainees licence. This is normally around 8 weeks after starting.

We can then supply you with pupils to teach.

Its as simple as that. 

We aim to complete the whole course from start to finish in 4-6 Months.

If for some reason you decide before starting your Part 3 Training that being a driving instructor isn't for you, then we will refund 75% of the inital deposit without any questions.

PassNdrive Driving Instructor Training


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