Time is what we all really want....I didn't want a job, I just wanted something to fund my free time adventures, even if sometimes that was just a walk along the coast. Being self employed and with good time management I have been able to enjoy as much free time as I want and also work when I want to. I've found that being a driving instructor has given me that. . Its an amazing job if you learn how to do it properly.  People say to me all the time " you must have some patience to do that job". 

I believe If you can control situations and keep calm then you don't need patience. 

Our Driving Instructor Training program will do just that.  We work on getting you to understand that your own driving is a backbone for what you are about to teach. It will give you the control over the situation and give you the confidence to teach people to drive on today's busy roads. 

And confidence only comes from control. 

To make an enquiry for a chat with me , Scott. Then please click on the link above. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how doing this job really can change your life and lifestyle.


Scott Finney

Managing Director 

PassNdrive Driving Instructor Training


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